Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sickness and Wealth

Haven't been able to get on the internet for the past couple of days due to the chronic migraine and intense vomiting that goes along with it :/ Haven't had a decent one for years. On the plus side all my assignments are in, no more work til exams! Maintaining a B average over all my papers at the moment so hopefully if I knuckle down should be able to keep that B out the other end of exams :D Also got paid, what a great feeling it is too have a couple hundred bucks before life and its inescapable costs strip it from you. If the greyhounds count as inescapable costs that is ;D Not a bad haul on the dogs the other day though, pulled in a nice $140 trifecta, not a bad earning for sitting on my arse all day.


  1. Hope those migraines clear up bro. Stay wealthy!

  2. that is a nice chunk of change for doing nothing! you should put that in the stock market!

  3. Are you better? Gonna post soon?