Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sickness and Wealth

Haven't been able to get on the internet for the past couple of days due to the chronic migraine and intense vomiting that goes along with it :/ Haven't had a decent one for years. On the plus side all my assignments are in, no more work til exams! Maintaining a B average over all my papers at the moment so hopefully if I knuckle down should be able to keep that B out the other end of exams :D Also got paid, what a great feeling it is too have a couple hundred bucks before life and its inescapable costs strip it from you. If the greyhounds count as inescapable costs that is ;D Not a bad haul on the dogs the other day though, pulled in a nice $140 trifecta, not a bad earning for sitting on my arse all day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here comes the costs...

So, after helping babysit last night, I was driving home and my tachometer spazzed the fuck out, flicking everywhere and I lost acceleration. Pulled over to the side of the road to see what was going, sat there for like 15mins then it was fine again.

Took it to the garage this morning as coincedentally, its Warrant of Fitness was due today. Failed its warrant Dx Needs two new tires + a wheelbearing. There goes the thick end of $300, for people who don't have contacts ;D Managed to get 2 free tires, brand new from my Dad, he was working at a mag shop for a while and they were stock that never got picked up, so I scored them for free. Also got my mate at auto-store to get me the wheel bearing for 50% off, mint! Helps that my brother in law is a mechanic too, free fitting:D

I never regret getting a car, they make life so much easier, just make your wallet a little bit lighter too. Even though its shitty (90' Mitsi Lancer) I still <3 it. What do you guys drive?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Early Mornings and Dog Fights

Got called in this morning at 5am, blargh! Lucky it was only for 3 hours, managed to keep myself occupied by stock taking dog beds. I honestly didn't know we stocked so many different varieties of dog beds, 5 pages worth of different designs. Decided to buy my sister some dog care products as well, recently her partners dog, an Argentinian Dogo, got into a fight with her Pitbull X. Got some skin care ointment for her dog the pitty, as he got scratched up pretty bad, and some whitening shampoo for the Dogo to bring out his coat again :D Also got some new toys for them to keep occupied as they're both pretty sad at the moment. Glad they're both ok though, the Dogo is 50kg+ of muscle, check out the Wikipedia article on them, bred to hunt cougars!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cleaning the cars

Got called in to one of my other shitty jobs, cleaning rental vehicles. Such an easy job, half the time people drive the car from the airport to their hotel, then back again. Find some good shit in the cars too, always helps to add to the parking change in my car ;D Adding to my funds, thinking about getting the Jim Beam collection and aging it :S

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week is finally over

Thank god the the week is over. Had to cover for a full time employee this week, 5am - 2pm everyday. Good money but really screwed with my study schedule. History majors are required to do a lot of reading. Received an email from my lecturer saying he wanted to speak to me about attendance. My response "If I don't get marked for my attendance and I'm currently maintaining a B average, then why would I come in?" Fuckwit. Now my weekend is going to consist of writing another 2000 word essay. Will end up procrastinating by writing blogs and deciding what to spend my money on, possibly a 4series gfx card, really need a new one ):

Friday, October 1, 2010

Steelcaps in the Stockroom

Hey Bloggers,

Felt like I needed a place to vent about the crap I deal with at my job in a pet store. Out of all the jobs I've had, working in a pet store ranks among the worst. We finally received steelcap boots for stockpeople after shit kept getting dropped on feet >.> As usual, the shoes weren't in the right size (US13) and they look gimpy as hell. Feels like I'm stocking shelves in some Japanese curb stompers >_< Think I might sell the fuckers and wear my normal shoes anyway. Where do you guys work? Be interested to hear some shit about other peoples low paying/high stress environments xD

- Chairman.